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Theology of the Body

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The teachings of St. John Paul II called, “Theology of the Body” have completely transformed my life.These teachings

help answer basic questions

regarding our identity, our purpose, relationships, our vocations,

the beauty of Marriage and more.

Hope these resources can

help you as well! 

TOB Overview 

- Chastity project- Great blogs, resources and more! Website

- Introduction to Theology of the Body by Christopher West

- Man and Woman he created them- A Theology of the Body by John Paul II (Original full text) 

- Theology of the Body in one hour by Jason Evert

- Theology of the Body Institute- Amazing week long courses to help you dive in Website

- These Beautiful Bones- An everyday Theology of the Body by Emily Stimpson

- YOU- Life, love and the Theology of the Body- a video series for Teens by Brian Butler, Jason and Crystalina   Evert by Ascension Press (I am also one of the presenters)




- If you really loved me by Jason Evert

        - Dating Detox by Kevin and Lisa Cotter

- Emotional Chastity- a Guide to Drama- free relationships by Sarah Swafford 

- The Four Loves by C.S Lewis


 Freedom from Porn 

- Covenant Eyes- Website gives practical ways to find freedom including an app and internet blockers

- Delivered:True stories of men and women from porn to purity by Matt Fradd

- Fight the new Drug- Website raises awareness, resources and information 

- Go for Greatness- Website for parents on how to speak to children, Website partner struggling with porn 

- Integrity Restored- Resource for parents, couples, men, women, youth and more Website

- Leave Porn- Website resource by Life Teen and Steubenville Fuel for struggling teens 

        - Restored:True stories of love and trust after porn by Matt and Cameron Fradd

        - She Recover: Sexual and Porn addiction support for women Website

        - The Porn Myth: Exposing the reality behind the fantasy of pornography by Matt Fradd

        - Uncompromising Purity (not just a guy problem) Kelsey Stoch

Same-sex Attraction and more

- Eden Invitation- An excellent resource focusing on the personhood beyond LGBT+ Website Instagram

        - Experience Me- Letters to a youth Catholic living with same-sex attraction by Avera Maria Santo 

- In Pursuit- Confessions of a gay Catholic teenager by Alex James Santiago 

- Made for Love- Same Sex attraction and the Catholic Church by Fr. Mike Schmitz

- Person and Identity Project- formation and resources on faith, gender and sexual identity Website

- The Third Way- Homosexuality and the Catholic Church- Documentary 



- Be a man- Becoming the man God created you to be by Fr. Larry Richards

- Into the Breach- a video series by the Knights of Columbus- Website 

        - The Catholic Gentleman- Living Authentic Manhood Today by Sam Guzman Website

        - Wild at Heart- Discovering the secret of a man's soul by John Eldredge


- Abiding together Podcast-A place to find encouragement and rest Website  

- Blessed Is She- A sisterhood of women who want to grow together in faith Website

- Discovering the feminine genius- Every woman’s journey by Katrina J. Zeno

- Letter to women by St. John Paul II- Letter

- Truth about the pill- Culture Project addresses the pill- Video 



- Good news about sex and Marriage by Christopher West  

- Made this way- How to prepare kids to face today's tough moral issues by Trent Horn                          

        - Three to get Married by Fulton Sheen




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