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Mari Pablo grew up in a devout, always supportive, boisterous Hispanic family in South Florida. She graduated from Franciscan University with a double major in theology and psychology; she also holds a Master of Theology from the Augustine Institute. She has worked in youth ministry for over 15 years, including being a youth minister in New Orleans, and is currently a high school theology teacher and Campus Minister at her alma mater in Miami.


Mari travels the country spreading His message. She has worked with Ascension Press in numerous projects including the YOU-Theology of the Body program for teens, The 99- An evangelization mission series, Connected- Catholic Social Teaching for this generation and is a presenter for Ascension presents. She is also a speaker for the Steubenville Youth Conferences in the summer. Mari has a deep love for food but an even greater love for Christ and is dedicated to helping others encounter Him.

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Mari has traveled across the continental United States, and Latin America speaking to young people about the heart of Christ and the beauty of the Catholic faith. She speaks on a variety of themes and can cater to specific community needs.

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Thank you for giving your “yes” to Christ. Your talks truly allowed the Holy Spirit to reach me this past weekend! 
Michael, participant- San Diego

Thank you Mari for accepting God’s call to serve this weekend! Your talks (especially Sunday) allowed me to allow God to reveal His love for me and to trust Him more especially when I feel like I am not worthy of His love. And like a firework you lit a fuse in me that just burst as soon as I got back home from Steubie, I couldn’t contain myself and wanted to share all that you taught me with my family and friends.
Joe- Participant in San Diego