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I Believe…

"Stand for nothing, fall for anything" one day I decided to write down the things that I stand for. Here is a look into my thoughts. What do you stand for?

I believe in the Catholic Church and all it's teachings. I believe that in one moment God can reveal himself to you in the smallest of ways and that you will forever be transformed. I believe that we all desire Love and that it's only by knowing He that is Love that we will be able to love more. I believe that this world will bring you trial and suffering but that if you keep your eyes fixed on the Lord He will guide your path. I believe that by knowing the Lord you discover yourself, and who you were made to be. I believe that people will try to tear you down or build you up and you have to be wise who you trust, but in the end the only person that won't let you down is He who isn't able to fail (God). I believe that our hearts desire true beauty and that this world is making it harder and harder to find true beauty because people are hiding behind their screens instead of making a true connection with others and themselves. I believe that in the silence is when we are able to hear the longings of our hearts and that people are afraid to face their pain so they often hide behind smiles and materialistic things. I believe that the Holy Spirit was given to be our guide and that in every breath He is present because he abides in us. I believe that I am blessed with the gift of my faith and incredible people that help me grow and who call me on to be a better person just by being themselves. I believe that nothing can take the place of your family, even if there is drama, you love them no matter what. I believe that music speaks to the soul and that some lyrics make my heart sing and bring hope and peace to my heart. I believe in helping others, and allowing yourself to be a vessel for the Lord. I believe in enjoying Life! I believe in the joy that comes from food, beaches, waterfalls, and even the smallest flowers. I believe in enjoying every second of your day and that even if you are having a bad day tomorrow is a new day. I believe that Life is Good because God is Good and that for me, my life is God.

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